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Martin Lynch & Son

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A working radio station is fine. But that’s not enough for me. It must be meticulously fitted, with high quality elements and components.
Oversized, maybe, but that’s what makes it great. Beyond anything that can usually be found in stores.

For many years I have endeavored to develop my station in this spirit. This went through the construction and use of professional AM transmitters. I love things that are beautiful and an antenna tuner can be effective, unique and beautiful. My last tuner took me several years to manufacture and adjust. Everything is done by hand, patiently, from the capacitors to the chokes, to the case and its front panel. What a pleasure when everything works.

With LazTuner I want to make you love your antenna tuner. Small series, quality components, meticulous and unique work for each coupler and the pride of using a high-class device.

73, Lazaro F5UOO